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Why NeO

  • First and most important reason is sound quality. NeO soundstation sounds perfect.
  • Very fast finding needed sound. What does name of some sound like “Frozen pad” or “Happy lead” means to you? When inspiration comes to your mind, you need to listen to a lot of sounds quickly without waiting for loading. Only next, next,next and…BOOM! You have found the sound you need.
  • You have expensive and huge sound libraries, but sound often doesn’t fit to the song you’re working on. Sound is too slow, you can’t find right articulation, it drowns into the mass of other sounds and it simply doesn’t work. NeO soundstation is a solution because it’s sounds are just working in any situation!
  • Every user will easily create a new sound by combining already existing sounds by his own taste and needs. Editing is simple and easy so the possibilities are endless.
  • Wide sound palette, from classical instruments such as pianos, violins , organs and more to techno sounds and whole lot more. Over 300 sound sources suitable for numberless combinations.
  • Whole NeO soundstation “weights” only 3,3 GB. You can load the whole soundstation with endless list of sounds, into RAM of your laptop (just for fun)!
  • Sounds have been carefully selected so there is a variety to choose from. Also, the number of sounds is not too large or too small, which makes navigation fast and simple. Every user can create a folder with his own sounds and their number can be unlimited.

We can say responsibly – there is no other sound library (on the whole market!) that is more versatile with
quality, which gives you fast pro results regardless on which music genre you create.