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Help Center

  • Where is my download information?
    • After PayPal payment click “Return to merchant” to see the download link.
    • If you skipped this, wait for a short time to get an email with the download link which could be in all email categories including SPAM so make sure you check all email’s categories
    • After purchase you will be emailed with two e-mails, one from Paypal and one from Neotron (us)
      Check e-mail from Neotron and in the lower section of the mail will be your
      activation key which you will use in Native Access


  • How to install NeO soundstation 2 and where?
    • You can extract NeO soundstation 2 anywhere on your hard drive (we recommend where all your other instrument libraries are)
    • To extract on Windows we recommend WinRAR, on Mac is recommended UnRarX
    • To install NeO soundstation 2, you need to download and install Native Access,
      see further link:


  • My instruments don’t work!?!?
    • Many of NeO soundstation’s instruments are using key-switches and mod-wheels. To activate and play some instruments, you need to activate key-switches or mod-wheel on your keyboard (or Kontakt’s keyboard)


Here is a USER MANUAL where you can find answers to all the common “problems”


For all other questions or troubles, please feel free to contact us at infoneosoundstation@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible