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Help Center

  • Where is my download information?
    • After PayPal payment click “Return to merchant” to see the download link.
    • If you skipped this wait short time to get an email with the download link which could be in all email categories including SPAM so make sure you checked all email’s categories.


  • How to install NeO soundstation and where?
    • You can extract NeO soundstation anywhere on your hard drive (we recommend where all your other instrument libraries are).
    • To extract on Windows we recommend WinRAR, on Mac is recommended UnRarX.
    • To insert NeO soundstation in NI Kontakt (FULL VERSION 5.5.1 OR ABOVE IS REQUIRED, PLAYER VERSION IS NOT SUPPORTED!!!), go to “Files” tab instead of “Libraries” and navigate to the location of extraction.


  • My instruments don’t work!?!?
    • Many of NeO soundstation’s instruments are using key-switches and mod-wheels. To activate and play some instruments, you need to activate key-switches or mod-wheel on your keyboard (or Kontakt’s keyboard).


Here is a USER MANUAL where you can find answers to all the common “problems”.


For all other questions or troubles, please feel free to contact us at infoneosoundstation@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible.